Types of Colleges and Universities

Two year-colleges

They are typically referred as community colleges or junior colleges and they award an associate degree. An associate of arts (A.A.) or an associate of science (A.S.) is granted at a community college. Enrolling in a full time program can guarantee the completion of community college in two years. Only a handful of community colleges offer the final two years of an undergraduate program which awards a bachelor’s degree.

Community colleges or junior colleges offer two types of programs. The first type is based on preparing students to transfer to a four year institution. The second type provides the students options for career training in specific areas. Most community colleges and junior colleges are public although some might be private.

Four year college or university

The college or university awards the bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees are the most common granted degrees.

A Bachelor’s degree is typically given when completing a four-year program or full-time program. Some programs depending on the field of study can take longer than four years. Some public and private universities and colleges can have a religious affiliation.

  • Public universities or colleges are federally and state funded therefore they have a lower cost making it easier to afford. Classes tend to range from hundreds of students in a classroom to a couple of dozens.
  • Private university or colleges are privately owned and although fees are costly there are plenty of resources available to afford going (do not get discouraged). There are liberal arts college privately owned with excellent academic curriculum and small classrooms. Do not forget to check for their accreditation.

If you are interested in attending to a four year college or university know that there are co-ed and single gender colleges to choose from when applying. Females and males attend to a co-ed college while at a single gender college is either all females or all males.

What is your type of college? Which one suits your interests and goals? Leave your comments down below!


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