College Applications: 4 steps to get you started

Starting its always the most difficult. Do not get discouraged! With the right resources and information, applying to college will be piece of cake. I have to admit that when I applied to college I was pretty disoriented and unorganized, however I got myself together and before I knew it I had already applied to more than twenty colleges and universities. Anyways enough introduction and let’s get to the point.

1. Get Informed

Once you have decided you want to go to college start informing yourself. Walk in to your college office at school and ask for the resources they offer to make applying to college an easier job. Seek for college bound programs, SAT/ACT classes, college tours, and college workshops. Talk to your counselor about your path to high school graduation. Make sure you are in the right track and are fulfilling all the requirements.

Where else can you grab more information about college? There are plenty of online resources you can greatly benefit from. To make your search easier, I list a few of them.

2. Seek Help

Applying to college implies a lot of responsibilities and having a support group always makes a difference. Talk to your parents, teachers, counselors, or anyone else you are close to and share your aspirations. Applying to college can be a confusing and stressing process express your concerns, doubts, and questions with people who will help you achieve your goal.

3. Gather your thoughts

Time to think of all those amazing things you have done and you can brag about. College applications want to know about you, they know you are more than just grades and they want to see that. Start thinking about your awards, volunteering work, extracurricular, and achievements that is worth mentioning.

4. Start organizing

Create a checklist of everything you have to do to start your application. Keep track of the things you have and the things you will need. Start organizing yourself with a planner, calendar, or a storing folder. Anything that works for you, do it. Check for important deadlines, submissions, and examination dates.

Now are you ready to apply to college?


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