Accounts You Will Need For Your College Application

You will create so many accounts for your college application process that you will need a notebook or journal to write your passwords and usernames down. You will not be able to remember them, unless you chose to use the same variation in all of them. However, there will be accounts you will need more than a password and username to log in, in some instances when you open an account you will have to create a pin for a stronger security.

These accounts range from college applications to financial aid websites. Here is a list of the main sites you will most likely open an account with in order to commence your college application process.


  • College Board Was probably the first account I ever opened. If you are applying to the SAT’s or taking AP classes you will have to sign in to College Board. They offer various exercises to get you practicing for your exams. College Board stores your scores and it is through College Board that you will be submitting any scores you are satisfied with. Check it out; it is the first step to college!
  • ACT I remember hearing people say that the ACT was mainly popular in the East coast rather than the West coast. Whether some schools might not ask for them on the West coast, it is equally important. I knew many students who took it and scored better at the ACT than the SAT, who knows it may turn out to be your type of test. Anyways, you will have to register to the ACT website to take the exam and check for places in your area to take it. You can access your scores, send them to colleges, and there is also a lot of information pertaining college.
  • Common Application I had no idea when I was a senior that to apply to private colleges I had to sign in to common application. The name itself explains that is one application sent to all the private colleges of your choice, of course some colleges have supplementals and extra requirements but all of them will be mentioned. It is pretty explanatory. Remember, you only have to open an account with common app if you are applying to privates, for a public university is different. Do not forget to check this site out. It keeps track of your application, no excuses to forget anything from your checklist.
  • Public Universities/colleges, state universities, UC’s (California Uni) you can go directly to the university or college’s website of your choice and probably open an account with them to submit your application and other pertaining requirements. Each one of them has their own individual requirements; therefore, do not assume all of them will ask you to submit the same. Be prepared!
  • CSS Profile Surprised, very surprised I have to admit I was when I found out that besides FAFSA I had to open another account for financial aid. The CSS profile is mainly used for private colleges. Private colleges as you know, are privately funded therefore they have their own private system to get you money for free. Scholarships and the majority of the money you will get will probably come from here to afford your private education. Extra work and extra time, but do not forget extra money too! Do not forget, however, to submit your FAFSA. Submit both, if you apply to privates. CSS does not apply for public schools.
  • FAFSA This is where you will get money to go to college. It is a tedious and very confusing process, with a lot of words I was not familiarized with but luckily there are workshops to help you with it. Sign up and the early you submit it the more money you will get (that’s what some people say). Just do it, you do not lose anything.
  • Fastweb Now that we are talking about money, fastweb is another great site to sign in and create an account. It offers an extensive list of scholarships you can apply to, list of colleges, financial aid/student loans, and career planning. Take a look at it!


I am pretty sure I forgot some other important sites, but so far these were the ones that got me through the college application process. I learned some of them along the way, which saved me from a lot of trouble.


Which ones did you know about? And which ones did I forget to mention?

Leave your comment down below!


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