A list of free money: Scholarships

There are just millions of scholarships you can apply to (and no, I am not exaggerating). You just need to have patience and dedicate your weekends or evenings to search for them. There are scholarships based on sports, academics, leadership, minority, and talents, anything you can possibly imagine. For some of them you might be required to write an essay, film a video, or even draw. The possibilities are endless. Check deadlines and start applying! It is free money, dedicate a couple of hours and it can end up covering your four year tuition!

Here are a couple of scholarships to get you started:

Burger King Scholars Award Love Burger King? They are giving out Scholarships!

Highrises Research the US Green Building Council’s LEED Program and write an essay that describes how these new green condominiums can help residents minimize their carbon footprint. Thanks to LEED-Certified high-rise condominium towers, city condo living has become a very “green” way to live. Yaay for the environment!

gotchosen Very easy way to win a scholarship. Post something in their website and the highest number of votes at the end of the month wins a $5,000 scholarship. Open to all fields of study, no essay, no GPA, or financial need requirement.

Association for Women in Mathematics To increase awareness of women’s constant contributions to the field of mathematical sciences. You will have to write a biographical essay of current women mathematicians and statisticians in academic, industrial, and government careers. You will have to interview one!

Orange Scholars Orange Scholars offers scholarships to Home Depot associates’ children based on financial need and academic performance, as well as community involvement, and leadership. Those with the most financial need is given the highest consideration.

HCF Community Scholarship Fund Scholarship for the Hawaiian community, approximately $1,508 is given annually and it is non-renewable. Students may reapply each year. Recipients must maintain a grade point average of 3.3 to 3.8 to be considered.

Sand Hill Scholars Program The Scholars Program was created by Thomas W. Ford and Susan B. Ford. Provides scholarships to those whose success will be increased with financial assistance, internships, college, or career training. Note: Those who attend the Ravenswood City School District are given priority.

Hamilton Scholars Approximately $500 of cash is given annually and it is non-renewable.The winners will be enrolled automatically to the Hamilton Leaders Academy. The winner will receive souvenirs from the Hamilton foundation and will appear in newspapers and their website. Time to shine!

Tomorrow Fund for Hispanic Students The award is 2,000 to $15,000 annually and it is non-renewable. This award is a supplement to the already received award package from the college of their choice. The students must show that all possible sources of funding have been pursued but there is still need for more aid.

I’m First Scholarship An award of $2,000 is given annually and it is renewable for up to three years according to enrollment verification. Ten awards are offered.

L.A. Clippers Stay in School Scholarship Los Angeles clippers assist college-bound students with four $2,500 scholarships. These scholarships are offered to seniors planning to go to college. The scholarships are available to those residing in Los Angeles.

Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarship Established in 1955 by Aubrey Lee Brooks. The scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors from a 14-county area of North Carolina.

ESA Foundation The foundation provides scholarships to the next generation of industry innovators and those interested in software and technology to create opportunities for American youth. They support diverse projects and programs that benefit all ages, races, and religions.

TELACU Education Foundation Scholarship The foundation was created to develop and empower new generations of leaders. The program is funded by generous contributions from corporations, colleges, non-profits, and individuals.

What other scholarships have you applied to? I do not think I applied to a lot of scholarships and now I pay loans… sadness…




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