Save Money with Fee Waivers

Besides the tedious process of applying to college, the process can result expensive. Fees for college and exams can be discouraging. However, there is help for everything! Do not make excuses and start asking in your school, preferably your college office. I remember when I was submitting my college applications; I thought I was going to pay a fortune because I was applying to like twenty colleges. Later, I was informed of the existence of fee waivers! More like money savers. Reminiscing on my high schools days, I remember being told that they could only give me ten fee waivers or so for private colleges and around five for public universities. The number of fee waivers might not be accurate! However, what I do remember was that although I got several fee waivers, my high school had a limit on the amount they could give out. I still got extra ones though. In my high school not a lot of students attended college; therefore we could technically get more fee waivers if we wanted to. Of course I took on the opportunity to apply to more colleges. So ask your college counselor about how many fee waivers are you subject to. Who knows, you might end up getting more than you were hoping to.

Now SAT and ACT are expensive exams but in many cases necessary to take in order to apply to colleges. The prices range from thirty something to fifty. Guess what?! There are fee waivers as well for that. Ask around and you will surely be given one. I remembered in my school, fee waivers being limited. I think I got two fee waivers and if I wanted to take it a third time I had to pay it myself. Also, if you are registering late for the exam be advised that a fee waiver will not pay for the late registration fee. Schools might vary, definitely ask if there is a limit of fee waivers you can get.

If you are taking AP classes, you will have to take an exam and yes, it is pricey! And yes, there are fee waivers available to subdue the cost. I remember though, that fee waivers were offered to those who were under the free or reduced lunch program at my school. Check it out to see if you quality for a fee waiver.

Finally, I think this is more of a giveaway. The SAT gives you five freebies, meaning that you can send your scores for free to five colleges. If you apply to more than five colleges, however, the money has to come out of your pocket. I know there is too much money involved but do not despair, there are resources everywhere. This process is about having patience to find them and time.

Now that I think about it, I do not know how I was able to do everything in such short time. Nevertheless, it is doable and the time you spend applying to colleges flies away!

How many fee waivers were you able to get?


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