Community Colleges

Ever since I first entered high school I knew I wanted to go to a four year university, community colleges were out of the question. For me community colleges were a waste of time and for students who were not bright enough to make it to a four year college. To a certain extent I still believe in that. However, recently I have been reading a book called Wise Latinas (amazing book) and there is a story in the book about one of the writers who mentions that her mother made her enroll in a junior college. This writer goes to a junior college not because she is not intelligent enough but because she has no career plan. Going to a junior college would give her ample time to explore something she enjoys and eventually go to a four year institution. After finishing reading her story, I thought how good of an idea that was. To be honest, I went to college being undecided about my major and unsure of any career plans.

I do not want to favoritism any type of higher education, what I want to say is that chose what is the best fit for you. If you are undecided about your career plans or want to go to a technical school, go. If you want to go to a four year institution because you are ready, by all means do not stop. The point here is that you continue studying. Now I will share with you some perspective into community colleges.

  • Community colleges can sometimes be called junior college, technical colleges, or city colleges. They grant certificates and associate’s degrees. After graduating from community college, some transfer to universities or four year liberal arts colleges and complete a bachelor’s degree in two to three years.
  • Some community colleges train and specialize students in different areas to provide support in the legal, health, and business sector.
  • Community colleges are locally accessible.
  • They are ‘open admission’ meaning that if you graduated from high school or possess a GED you can enroll in a community college regardless of your academic standing.
  • In some CC you do not have to be a high school graduate. However, an entrance exam has to be taken since some classes are not ‘open admission.’
  • Classes are small, about the size of your high school class.
  • Transferring credits can be a problem, therefore be sure to be enrolled in a transfer curriculum.
  • Cost and tuition vary by CC, an average yearly fee is of $9,000.
  • Most CC do not offer housing.


Which community college will you be going to?


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