Wising Up About Going to College

Today I will change a bit the format and will not write about applying to college. I will instead write a post on a book I am reading about Latina women and going to college. I have written reviews about other books but for school purposes (I do not consider this a review at all) and I am excited to share this will all of you. The content of the stories are immensely accurate and soul-catching. My sister got my youngest sister (in high school) the book recounting short stories of Latinas who went to college. I decided to borrow it and read what these women had to say about their experiences in college. There are various short stories of Latina writers narrating not only their life in college but their conquest of cold weather, families’ expectations, studying abroad, stalkers, and reconnecting with their own culture. The stories are short and straight to the point. These writers share a moment in their life that completely changes them, each of them is unique and really gets you wondering about the great impact education instills in them. Achieving higher education for each of the writers traced their path into unimaginable opportunities. I love it because a piece of each of the stories resonates with me. Although these women went to college, probably more than thirty years ago so many experiences remain shared. The book, Wise Latinas demonstrates that you do not have to be perfect or know everything when you are in college or pursuing your career after college. Mistakes and mishaps will occur but they are all part of the process of making us wiser. I identified with them because so many unexpected situations emerge while in college but it is definitely a worthwhile and an untradeable experience. So if you are planning to disembark or you are already in college I recommend you to read the book.

Bear in mind that many of these stories are about Latinas whose background are not that prevalent but whose families instilled in them the importance of college. I am not saying this book is strictly for Latinas who are first generation going to college since I find this piece to be informative and insightful to all age group and cultures.

I hope you are able to get a copy of it and enjoy this good read!

What other great books have you read lately?


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