7 College Application Mistakes

Applying to college requires a lot of steps. In the rush of filling out applications and writing essays, mistakes tend to occur. Do not let some simple and avoidable mistakes diminishing your application from standing out. Here are some college application mistakes to avoid.

  1. Misspellings and grammatical errors This is probably one of the most important things to pay attention to. Misspellings and grammatical errors show that you are careless and uninterested. Make sure you do not only use spell check but have someone proofread your essays and applications.
  2. Applying online, but the application is not actually submitted Most applications are nowadays submitted online, you should receive some type of confirmation from the college confirming your submission. Check your email or credit card receipt and follow through the process.
  3. Not reading carefully Sometimes filling out college applications could be so repetitive that we already assume every single college is asking the same questions. Pay close attention and do not misread questions or forget to answer them.
  4. Listing extracurricular activities that are not real list accurate organizations, clubs and volunteering work. Hanging with your friends and listening to music are not extracurricular. Colleges may check with your high school to verify the activities you listed are relevant.
  5. Using an inappropriate email address Do not use that funny email address to apply to college. Select a professional one since an email address says a lot about the type of student you are when addressing serious matters. Select an appropriate one.
  6. Not checking your email regularly From the moment you apply to colleges, you will be receiving various emails about the application standing. Make sure you constantly check your email for reminders or supplemental materials you might have missed.
  7. Letting Mom or Dad help you fill out your application It is fine if your parents want to help you with the application process but do not let them all the work for you, such as writing your essay or answering questions. Seek for their advice but it is your responsibility to complete the application yourself.

What are some other mistakes you can avoid?


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