6 Websites with College Program Opportunities For This Summer

The last article I wrote if I remember clearly (it seems long time ago) was about alternatives for this summer. I have now compiled a short list of summer programs you could take a look at. The list is short but the content in each of the links attached is extensive. As I was searching for these summer programs I realized there is so much information out there to attend, yet it seems that when I was a high school student  I was disoriented, unfocused, and perhaps unaware about all the resources available to students. Also, now as I am typing this I realize that back in my high school days the internet was not that widely exposed. I do not know what my excuse was but I feel like a piece of me was cheated, looking and finding all these amazing summer programs. I just wish I was more informed. Anyways enough of my frustration… I became inspired to compiled this list because as I was searching for grants and scholarships to study a foreign language I came across a lot of good programs for high schools students. As soon as I noticed the programs available for high school students, well I thought about my blog but also about my sister who is a junior in high school. I know right now she has to worry about AP exams, SATs, and finals; just as a lot of other juniors or even seniors are experiencing. Searching for all these programs is a tedious process. So I have done the beginning, now it is just your turn to decide which one is the appropriate for you and apply. Bare in mind that the deadlines for some programs have already passed (yes, I started my search a little too late). Also, there are a lot of programs that are free, inexpensive, and costly. So, do not wait anymore and start applying because most of the programs’deadlines are to be due this month.

Without anymore interruptions I will list down the resources:

Lorna Sheridan’s Education Roundup

A blog with a lot of information concerning to learning and such. Once on the blog, scroll down to the section where it says “Education Roundup XXXVIII: Meaningful Free and Low Cost Summer Experiences.” You will basically find in that section exactly what the title says. Pay attention to deadlines because it is already  late to apply to some of them.

2016 Summer Programs with Generous Financial Aid

College summer programs with a possibility of financial aid.

Top Summer Programs for High School Students

Most of these programs are offered for free or at low cost to high achieving students on the basis of merit and will look impressive on your college application.

Top Summer Pre-College Programs

Summer program with a preview to the most selective colleges and universities.

Pre-College Summer Programs

A directory for pre-college programs, internships, or camps.

PDF High School Summer Programs

A list to internships, college prep advice, community service, and college intensive courses.

Happy Search!



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