Searching for the one

With hundreds of colleges out there, how do you know which one is the right fit for you? Perhaps you already have your heart set on one but you will also need to have alternatives just for the ‘just in case’ occurrences. Give an opportunity to other colleges you have not heard of before and you will be greatly surprised about how much they can contribute to your education. When searching for colleges consider the cost, major/minor offered, student population, location, and frats & sororities. Perhaps you have a budget set for your college tuition or a specific location where you would like to attend and study. Storming down the specifics of the ideal college for you narrows down the search. Sometimes we want to study engineering or business but not all colleges may have a strong engineering or business department. In some colleges, engineering or business courses are not even part of their curriculum.

I visited several colleges before applying, however, I wanted to expand my horizons and research other schools I did not have the opportunity to visit. As a part of College Match, I was given a Fiske guide to colleges in the United States. I got to admit that it was very helpful because it listed so many colleges I had never heard of before. The best part of the book was that it provided a brief description of the college with student testimonies, standardized tests requirements, cost, and majors offered. For many months before choosing the colleges I wanted to apply to, the book became my best friend. I constantly reviewed it over and over. I wanted to be certain of the right college for me and convinced of the decision I was making. If you can, try and get the Fiske Guide to Colleges or any other book with a list of colleges. I have found a few books with the best college guide list. You can get The Complete Book of Colleges (Princeton review), The Best Colleges (U.S. News), or The Guide to America’s Top Colleges (Forbes). The prices vary from $13 to $16; you can try to get a used one since content will not be greatly updated. However, if you are not able to get a hold of one, check out articles online. There are plenty of websites that provide insight to America’s top colleges.

Good luck on the path to finding the right college!


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