About Me

Applying to college was not an easy process for me. I was confused, had so many questions, and just in general more confused! Thankfully, I was part of a college access program called college match. College match guided me and made the college application procedure more bearable and easy.

Now that I have a sister about to commence with that tedious process of college applications, I have realized how confusing and chaotic it can be. Then, I thought why not set up a blog where I could help many disoriented or unaware students whose dream is to go to college. Please know that I am not a professional and I am doing this out of my private research and previous experience. I will set up a Q&A section and open it up to the public so all of you can submit questions, opinions, and concerns.

I am a news junkie, watch documentaries, and listen to music all the time. I love shoes, bracelets, and food.

Do not be shy and learn.

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